Susan Day

“My work is continually evolving. It starts with the clay and my favourite clays are either very rough or very smooth. So I work with coarse textured cranks and creamy smooth porcelain. The cranks are used for pots for the patio and conservatory and the porcelain for tableware.

The garden influences my work in crank. This series of pots is equally suited to the patio or the conservatory and include planters and bird baths some inspired by pebbles. These are designed for low growing plants but look just as good left unplanted when the turquoise interior can be glimpsed.

An interest in food and its presentation at the table led to a series of bowls and dishes thrown in translucent porcelain. The bowls range in size from tiny for dipping sauces to large fruit bowls. The interiors are glazed with colours inspired by the sea in all its guises from grey through blues to green.”


More information at Susan’s website