Christine Morgan

“I work in various media to express my love of colour and line. I am inspired by the patterns, lines and textures I see in the world around me both in the natural work and in the city with its differing architecture and constant movement of people and vehicles.
My ceramic work is mainly sculptural and I enjoy handbuilding and altering thrown work. Many of my pots are worked with grogged stoneware and so can be used for display in the garden. My most recent work introduces my painterly skills and colour to mould made bowls and platters.
Experiments with glass fusing in my kiln has been exciting and I am enjoying producing such colourful work.  A recent commission included ‘The Empty Cross’ for Wokingham Methodist Church.
Colour and texture is also explored in my mixed media work and I enjoy exploring ways of conveying the emotions of places and people in a more abstract way.”